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Glacial Zenith II Prototype

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The Glacial Zenith 2 is here! well kind of…

Differences between I and II:

  • 3 band EQ - High, Mid, Low

  • Clipping selector toggle

  • More order switching = more control of your tone

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A few notes about the new controls:

  • Top row is the HIGH, MID, LOW EQ going from left to right
  • Bottom row is BOOST, VOLUME, DRIVE going from left to right
  • Toggle switch on the left side is an order switch to put the BOOST before or after the DRIVE+EQ
  • Toggle switch on the upper right side is an order switch to put the EQ before or after the DRIVE
  • Toggle switch on the lower right side is the diode clipping selector

Like the Glacial Zenith I, the BOOST and DRIVE+EQ sections are independently toggle-able. These things are a tone shaping dream for bass players and guitar players alike. 

You might be wondering why there are no graphics... We have decided to do all of the manufacturing in house. That means CNC milling, powder coating and UV printing the graphics. The only piece missing is the UV printer which we are 2 weeks away from picking up from Keeley Electronics! Needless to say, we're super stoked about that. 

So these are absolutely limited edition prototypes without graphics. If there is anything that hasnt been explained here, please shoot us a message and we will add it here.

GZ2 Group Shot