3.5mm Patch Cable Organizer for Eurorack


14 row cable organizer for 3.5mm patch cables. Depending on the size of the patch cables, you could comfortably fit 5-6 cables per row.

There are two holes on the side for mounting. We made them a little small so you could thread them with your own mounting screws.

This organizer takes 10hrs and 27mins to complete and is Proudly Printed in Rochester, NY.

203mm x 61mm x 25mm

If you like to print your own, check out the print files here on Thingiverse.

Right now, we only have gray PLA that came with the printer but we are planning to get other color filaments. By buying this, you could help us get more filament colors!

We’ve gotten some questions about 1/4” patch cable holders. They are on the way!

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